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After the immense traffic on my new blog after the last post, I was quite surprised how many people are actually reading this blog.
Of course I’ll continue writing about my studies and stuff! But you’ll need to know that I saw this & appreciate your interest!

The weekend after my last course I went outside to a nice garden area close to where I live to shoot some more pictures.
I wanted to try more than the tasks “allowed” me to do at uni.
Unfortunately it was a rainy day…
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Theory goes practical


After hours of theory about all the different kinds of creative subjects, I had my “first” practical experience in class.
It wasn’t quite a challenge but after all it was handy to repeat everything theoretical again and use it afterwards in specific tasks.

I’m talking about DSLR-cameras.
Or the short way Digital Single Lense Reflector Camera.
Like the Canon EOS I can count to my beloved belongings!

Our tasks for today were experiencing exposure and aperture in combination with other settings
like ISO, depth of field and the focal distance of each lens.

You can see the results in the following pictures on flickr.

groupshotfront groupshotlecturermotion 1motion freeze 1motion freeze 2
motion 22nd motion 12nd motion 22nd motion 32nd motion 42nd motion freeze 1
2nd motion freeze 2depth of field 1depth of field 2dof pracitce 1dof practice 2portrait practice
zoom practice

(Photography Class on flickr)

See ya soon!