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Release the bird from the cage

Just a quick update about my blog.

As I promised I will move my blog on my private webspace.
And I will use the more independent and configurable!

So the first step is done, I bought webspace and my future domain.
I’m not gonna tell you the URL yet, not because I like to bother but because there is nothing.
Just “the void”.

Follow this blog or me on facebook to get the next update first!
So long…and thanks for all the fish.

betaheader for posts

Hello you.

I am a blog. The betalog.

And I am here because my creator wants me so.
He’s the ╬▓logger (betalogger) or just name him Steffen.
Be nice to him and I will be nice to you.
I already know that we have a special connection.

We will become good friends after some time, trust me!

So, I wish you a pleasant time using me.

( Yes, use me! Don’t be so lazy and just read me…c’mon )