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Earthquake in Harlem – everything shakes!

Calm down! There is no need to call the emergency service but I warn you that your whole office might start dancing to a catchy beat. What am I talking about? Others who are honest followers of the video-sharing website youtube
It’s the Harlem Shake.

But what the Harlem is that?

The so called “Harlem Shake” is a dance originating in Harlem in 1981. The self-purported inventor of the dance was “Al B“, a Harlem resident. He explained in 2003 that the Harlem Shake was “a drunken state, it’s an alcoholic shake, but it’s fantastic, everybody loves it and everybody appreciates it.” (
It is a uncoordinated mix of waving arms and swinging hips to no rhythm. Everything is decorated with movements of sexual acts on a sudden impulse.
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Hi and Hello fellas,

I’ve skipped the part of my filmstudies on my blog because there were actually no footage which was worth uploading and sharing it. Most of it are test shots and technical trainings which I will spare you with!

But now we’ll move on to Podcasts and how to do all that stuff.
So I went to a christmas fare (quite popular in Germany) and asked people:
“Is it disrespectful to the family to go to a bar or a pub on christmas eve?”

You’ll find the answer in the following podcast but only if you are ready to learn some more German unfortunately…

It’s still a partly unedited version so be patient with me please 🙂

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Release the bird from the cage

Just a quick update about my blog.

As I promised I will move my blog on my private webspace.
And I will use the more independent and configurable!

So the first step is done, I bought webspace and my future domain.
I’m not gonna tell you the URL yet, not because I like to bother but because there is nothing.
Just “the void”.

Follow this blog or me on facebook to get the next update first!
So long…and thanks for all the fish.