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Take ’em to the studio

Dear visitors,

I apologize again for the inconvenience caused by my absence.
And…ah screw that formal stuff.

I did some photo-shootings last week in a “controlled atmosphere”.
Instead of random objects you chuck together, I had actual people doing their thing for the first time.
So in fact you need an empty room, couple of studio lights, a big black curtain as a nice monotonous dark background and an octodome would be much appreciated as well.

If you don’t know what’s an octodome, let me copy&paste you Dedo’s (the producer) description:

Dedo Octodome

The Dedoflex Octodome features a huge diffuser area (Ø 150 cm, 5’) producing a beautiful, wrap around, soft light.
The light output has to be seen to be believed and the light quality is absolutely stunning!

After you set up your equipment, arrange it roughly and ask your guests in. Make them comfy as much as possible and show them there positions.
Say things like “I’m just setting up the lights and take some test pictures” to accustom them to the weird/sterile situation.
But don’t forget to really set up the lights and take some test pictures, that’s crucial.

I did the light set up like this in a fully dark room:

Light set up sketch
As you can see on this sketch, I used three spot lights in the back. The one in the middle is creating a halo-effect directly behind the head, the other two next to it help separating the body from the background by giving it a light glow on the shoulders. They are called rim lights because of the glowing rim they create. I used them in this shooting as a creative effect in the photo as well.

Furthermore we have the octodome giving us a huge amount of diffused light slightly from the right (of the camera’s position).
You can get rid of a lot of annoying shadows in the “targets” face and head beside lighting up the whole area smoothly.

To get the right amount of light in the person’s face, I set up a spot light on the left next to my camera.
Another nice side-effect of this position is that you will get some reflections of the spot light in the eyes of your target which humans automatically sense attractive and increase their interests in that person.

The last spot light I used is positioned straight on the left of the target from the camera’s point of view.
I can control with this light how much shadows I want to have on the left side of the body and head, simple as that.

And then…I took photos.
Make sure you “guide” your model through your series of photos (different positions, face expressions etc.).
Finally you can see the results here. Of course, I did RAW-editing and tweaked some things a little bit but nothing too fancy.

self portraitalexbrunotilmanjeff

Studio-Album, view it on Flickr.

One of these pictures is a portrait of myself so guess which one. If you are clever enough you’ll find out easily!
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or me on facebook (:

See ya next time!


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