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Get equipped! – part one

Go in and win – Equipment for the amateur photographer –
part one

A proper equipment is essential.
Especially for photographers because they put themselves in situations where hightech definitely shouldn’t be put in.
To avoid a total blackout in your career, I suggest you to get some awesome photo stuff which protects your camera & lenses
and prevent them damage to it.

So I asked the guys who know what they are doing about additional camera equipment.
I will list these things in the order I bought them so I can first take a look at them personally before I post about them.

Camera bag

The most important, of course, is a proper case or bag for your camera.
You can put things in it and they won’t get damaged in a crowded area or in the terrain by external influences.
Furthermore you can easily find everything within seconds. And it’s able to hide valuable things from curios looks.

cap & filter

Body & lens protection beside a bag is essential if you want to use it over long time in a good shape.
Most manufacturer deliver caps right with them, so use them! They aren’t just there for unboxing-“take it off and throw it away”-jerks.
Sometimes you even get some polyester-bags etc. for the specific lens with your purchase which is great after my opinion.
These small things prevent dust & dirt to “sneak” into parts of the camera which causes weird effects on the photo or damage the camera over time.
To make sure your lens will never get any scratches you can also use filter which you just screw on.
I bought an UV-filter. It filters the UV-radiation for the sensor and protects the lens from physical damage.
Repairing or changing a lens is a-pain-in-the-whatever so buy at least a filter for 50-80 bucks, it’s definitely worth it!

Sniper Strap

Another cool and useful tool is a photographer strap.
A lot of you will know that problem. You’ve got your camera ready around your neck, waiting for the perfect shot but nothing happens.
So you wait and wait and after quite a while your neck and arms hurts like hell from this uncomfortable position.
During the summer or in hot temperatures it’s even more annoying to carry your camera in a ready-to-shoot but a “bag-safe” position.
For this problem there were straps invented especially for photographers and this little gadget on the top picture is called Sniper Strap (from Sun-Sniper).
I don’t want to advertise any products here but this one is simply awesome, smart designed and even protects your camera against theft with a guarantee on that!
It decreases the time between relaxed walking to shoot-ready to a minimum.
And you will easily find decent prices for it on (for EU) or!



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