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After the immense traffic on my new blog after the last post, I was quite surprised how many people are actually reading this blog.
Of course I’ll continue writing about my studies and stuff! But you’ll need to know that I saw this & appreciate your interest!

The weekend after my last course I went outside to a nice garden area close to where I live to shoot some more pictures.
I wanted to try more than the tasks “allowed” me to do at uni.
Unfortunately it was a rainy day…

So I did some DOF-tests (depth of field) to compare them later.

Lens: 24-105mm @ 105mm
Aperture: F/4-8-20

leaves F/4-8-20

And another portrait, this time it was a swan. I like swans 🙂
And I like how the head sticks out of the blurry background!
This time I wanted to show the different ways of editing a picture just in Camera RAW.

Lens: 24-105mm @ 105mm
Aperture: F/4
Exposure: 1/800
ISO: 250

Swan portrait originalSwan portrait

In combination with the things I learned so far, I used all the specific settings plus pictures in RAW and did the next step.
I was always impressed of so-called HDR-pictures. High Dynamic Range. That sounds even cool.
These pictures were “better than reality” which is bullshit technically but they look stunning.
They look like a combination of parts of the reality you see with you own eyes…

My first attempt wasn’t quite good but if I write about my studies I have to write about the fails too, shouldn’t I?
So I took three pictures of the same object in three different exposure settings (normal, dark, bright). Back home you cut them together.
Throw out the under- & overexposed parts and chuck the good ones in. Easy? No!

First try:

HDR lake

I dont really like how the leaves where separated from the sky and the wheat is a big disaster anyway…

Second try, same method to “HDRing” them:

HDR café

Better but still not that what I WANT from my HDRs!

Third try, now I’m more satisfied but…I dont know…there’s still something missing, isn’t it?

HDR bridge originalsHDR bridge

This time, I edited the HDR-photo in Photoshop to create this look. Some colour-adjustments, some contrast-changes, thats it.

What do you think?

I think, I have to learn a lot more about the perfect shot and adjustments in RAW/HDR-photos…
But the study just had started and I’m on the run 😉

P.S. Sorry for the bad picture implementation but doesn’t allow me to do it different unfortunately…
I will move to my own server as soon as I’m able to spend more time on creating my own unique template!


One thought on “Offroad

  1. I think the bridge is pretty good already! (Only maybe the wooden haptics could have been a little more pronounced…). Keep on, this blog is fun to read and look at!

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