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Earthquake in Harlem – everything shakes!

Calm down! There is no need to call the emergency service but I warn you that your whole office might start dancing to a catchy beat. What am I talking about? Others who are honest followers of the video-sharing website youtube
It’s the Harlem Shake.

But what the Harlem is that?

The so called “Harlem Shake” is a dance originating in Harlem in 1981. The self-purported inventor of the dance was “Al B“, a Harlem resident. He explained in 2003 that the Harlem Shake was “a drunken state, it’s an alcoholic shake, but it’s fantastic, everybody loves it and everybody appreciates it.” (
It is a uncoordinated mix of waving arms and swinging hips to no rhythm. Everything is decorated with movements of sexual acts on a sudden impulse.
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Hi and Hello fellas,

I’ve skipped the part of my filmstudies on my blog because there were actually no footage which was worth uploading and sharing it. Most of it are test shots and technical trainings which I will spare you with!

But now we’ll move on to Podcasts and how to do all that stuff.
So I went to a christmas fare (quite popular in Germany) and asked people:
“Is it disrespectful to the family to go to a bar or a pub on christmas eve?”

You’ll find the answer in the following podcast but only if you are ready to learn some more German unfortunately…

It’s still a partly unedited version so be patient with me please 🙂

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Hey guys,

as you may noticed I was very inactive in writing a new blogpost recently.
I feel sorry for that and it will be over soon.
The reason is that I’ve entered a new topic in studies and this one is AWESOME!
I’m going to learn everything about video/film/videocamera which means for you guys that you will get a lot of visual stuff.
And this time I’m starting from scratch. I have actually no experience in filming and stuff.

If you interested in “moving pictures” than you should definitely follow the next posts here!

Letse gooo 🙂

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Journalism 101 – News

So I’ve entered a new sort of area of studies, the journalism part, and we were trained in analysing and writing short news recently.
The task was to write a short news about something happened in your “hood”.

I’m sorry for my English fellas but the following text is in German because I am German and I “procrastinate away” the translation…
The good thing about it? You can train your high-level German reading abilities. I know you can!
He we go:
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Take ’em to the studio

Dear visitors,

I apologize again for the inconvenience caused by my absence.
And…ah screw that formal stuff.

I did some photo-shootings last week in a “controlled atmosphere”.
Instead of random objects you chuck together, I had actual people doing their thing for the first time.
So in fact you need an empty room, couple of studio lights, a big black curtain as a nice monotonous dark background and an octodome would be much appreciated as well.
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Long time ago…

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be back soon.
There were some “impairments to health” from my side which stopped me accessing the web and I’m feel terrible sorry for that. It all started so well…

BUT in the following weeks I’m gonna upload tons of awesome new stuff which I want to share with you and hopefully get some criticism back (:

So stay tuned!

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Rock in Caputh-Shooting

Another shooting, this time from the event Rock in Caputh where Audrey Fights Back! entered the stage…
One of my favourite local bands by the way 🙂

The festival was sponsored by an awesome local radio station called StarFM, so you should take a look on their live-streams if you like rock music!

merchandisemain stagehi-hatsnew adsconstructionhey guys

Event, see it on flickr.

More pictures will follow!
I need to decide and RAW-edit them first…

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Get equipped! – part one

Go in and win – Equipment for the amateur photographer –
part one

A proper equipment is essential.
Especially for photographers because they put themselves in situations where hightech definitely shouldn’t be put in.
To avoid a total blackout in your career, I suggest you to get some awesome photo stuff which protects your camera & lenses
and prevent them damage to it.

So I asked the guys who know what they are doing about additional camera equipment.
I will list these things in the order I bought them so I can first take a look at them personally before I post about them.
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